Margaret Wertheim in KCET’s ‘Artbound’ about the Mosely Snowflake Sponge and L.A.‘s ‘Origami Moment’

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Photo credit: Paula Goldman

In a recent story on KCET's Artbound website, USC Libraries Discovery Fellow Margaret Wertheim wrote about a "rare constellation of origami projects" in Los Angeles that constitute the city's "origami moment." Among those projects, writes Wertheim, is the USC community's effort to construct the Mosely Snowflake Sponge, a 3-D fractal model made out of 49,000 folded business cards: 

And here in Los Angeles at the USC Libraries, Dr. [Jeannine] Mosely and I are spearheading a project to build a giant fractal out of 49,000 business cards. Called the Mosely Snowflake Sponge, this trans-dimensional form pushes the limits of 'modular' origami both theoretically and practically; its construction is an experiment at the boundary of mathematics, art and engineering.

Now nearing completion, the Mosely Snowflake Sponge will be unveiled at a Thursday, September 20, reception in Doheny Memorial Library. To track the project's progress or learn how you can get involved, visit the project web page or like the project on Facebook.
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