Season’s Greetings from USC Libraries

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For this year's holiday greeting, Dean Quinlan invited multimedia artist and USC alumnus Dom Soo, BA '11, to interpret—in 60 seconds of video—a year's worth of discovery at the USC Libraries.

Dom's video embodies the results of his creative engagement with our Trojan libraries. Elements from our collections and programs that inspired Dom follow below.

Happy holidays.

00:08 Woman on phone, hallways, windows, and buildings images from the Dick Whittington Collection

00:14 Snowflakes, detail from Johann Hieronymus Kniphof, Botanica In Originali Pharmaceutica (Germany, 1733) 

00:16 Moon in sky, courtesy David Boulé

00:23 Color wheel from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Zur Farbenlehre (Tübingen, 1810)

00:30 Kaleidoscope border from Book of hours, Northern France or Bruges, ca. 1460–1470

00:29 The Measure of All Things, from Victor Raphael and Clayton Spada, From Zero to Infinity series, 2013

00:30 Kaleidoscope mirrors from Ad. and Maurice Pillard Verneuil, Kaléidoscope, ornements abstraits (Paris, 1926)

00:35 Writing and equations from Albert Einstein, Generalized Theory of Gravitation, 1950

00:35 Circular drawing from Galileo Galilei, Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche (Leiden, 1638)

00:42 Doheny Library time-lapse footage, courtesy Steve Salvidar

00:42 Rotating sky sequences, from Victor Raphael and Clayton Spada, From Zero to Infinity series, 2013

00:52 Wonderland Unbound, produced by 7StarSun with the USC Spring 2014 Animation Seminar

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