Macro-mini, Micro-mini and Ultra-micro Sized Literature on Display in Special Collections

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One might have to look especially close to view a new exhibit on the second floor of Doheny Memorial Library. Stephanie Cipres, Mario Machorro, and Darlyn Zenteno Aguilar—students working in the Libraries' Special Collections department–have selected for display a number of small items that can comfortably fit in the palm of your hand.

By definition, a miniature book measures less than three inches in height, width, and thickness. Bibliologists categorize them in four sizes : Macro-mini, Miniature, Micro-mini and Ultra-micro. While these objects are attractively portable (if not easy to lose), a side benefit of their small size is that one could read without someone else snooping. Some of the works on display include the Bible, Carl Sandburg’s Chicago-shaped poem, and George Washington’s farewell address.

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